Yukon W201

Single Place Factory Manufactured Aircraft
  A Canadian Manufactured Product






Cabin Width

Wing Span

Rotax 80 hp

19' 11" (607 cm)

6' 7"  (200 cm)

25"  (63 cm)

28' 7"   (871 cm)

Wing Area

Empty Weight

Design Gross

Design Ld. Lt.

Std Fuel Capacity

121 sq ft  (11 sq m)

610 lbs (276 kg)

1200 lbs  (544 kg)

+5.3 / -3

100 Litres (In wings)



Cruise @ 75%

Never Exceed

Stall Speed

Demo Crosswind

108 mph 

96 mph 

120 mph

31 mph

30 mph

Take-Off Distance

Landing Role

Rate of Climb



300 ft

400 ft 

975 ft per min



Test results using Rotax 912/80 hp engine corrected to sea level & standard air


The Yukon W201, single place is a factory manufactured, Ultra-Light Aircraft. Each aircraft is manufactured using strong quality assurance standards.   

The Yukon W201 comes with tundra tires, hydraulic disc brakes, steerable castering tail wheel, electric trim, door on right side for easy access, seat with seat belt, tinted windows, interior, basic flight instruments, engine instruments, luggage comp, step and seat adjuster. Each unit has been flight-tested and leaves the factory with no component operational deficiencies. Each aircraft comes with float attach fittings.

The Yukon W201 has been fully engineered and the major components have had destructive testing carried out. All components are manufactured using jigs. Each unit is delivered with the standard Watson Warranty.


Avionics Package


Ag Spray Equipment

Rotax 100 hp

Belly Pod