Vacuum Wand for Semiconductor Wafer processing:

The body of this machine is made up of Teflon, for chemical resistance and covered with conductive nylon, which reduces electrostatic effects towards a wafer. The wafer is made up of conductive PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)
Wafer Aligner
Accurate and Reliable Wafer Alignment

The body is made of Conductive MC Nylon for static protection. Our unique design (Patent Pending) minimizes the disturbance of laminar air flow.Low power consumption .Easy to operate .

Vacuum Pump:

This pump is specially designed to minimise noise generations. It can stand the power pressure of up to 3 kpa to 15 kpa
img7.jpg (5901 bytes) Vacuum Wand:

This Vacuum Wand is made of conductive nylon and it contains a large section of interchangeable attachments.
Manual Wand:

Our unique design ensures that the delicate and fragile semiconductor wafer is handled softly but firmly without excessive touch. Also, The surfaces of a wafer are never scratched in contrast to conventional metal tweezers.
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