P-I-N diode power Limiters for UHF and SHF bands are designed to prevent failure of input amplifying stages of low-noise receivers when radio pulse power up to 5000 W is applied in the frequency range up to 10 GHz.

The Limiters can be made as functionally independent units operating without power supply or as controlled switches making it possible to considerably increase allowable input power. They are indispensable in radar systems where the powerful transmitter and highly sensitive receiver operate with one antenna.

Main Parameters

Frequency range (overlapped by letters corresponding to 0,1 1 GHz bands ), GHz 0,01 10 Allowable pulsed input power, W:

- Pulse duration less than 10? Sec, duty cycle more then 20 5000
- Pulse duration less than 150? Sec, duty cycle more than 20 500
Allowable continuous input power, W 50 1000
Insertion loss in the operating frequency range, dB, max. 0,5 2,0
Isolation, dB, min. 20 50
Control voltage, V, max. +1,2
The Limiters are made as microstrip hybrid ICs to be mounted into hermetically sealed units or in hermetically sealed packages with coaxial outputs in 3,5/1,5-channel and wave impedance 50 or 75 ohm

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