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MRO 200

ULYS 220

ULYS 330
Cable Marking Machines Range
LASELEC ranges: simple, efficient, reliable.
LASELEC's cable marking machines feature a simple, efficient and reliable design, based on laser technology proven in service over a number of years. Throughout the design and development process, the LASELEC R&D team focused on building in the simplicity, efficiency and reliability that are fundamental to all aircraft cable assembly producers.
The ULYS & MRO series offer the highest productivity for their price on the market.

The ULYS & MRO laser marking system offers a number of key advantages, in particular non-aggressive marking and strict compliance with all cable feed cutting requirements - especially important in the aircraft cable market. At the same time, the productivity, flexibility and simplicity of the LASELEC system makes it perfectly suited to other applications, including wire and cable marking for the rail, space, manufacturing and automotive industries.