GDR – 1 oscillators

   Small–size high–stability tunable microwave oscillator GDR–1 together with frequency preselector PS–1, frequency mixer SMT–1, matching unit and installation kit are part of the receiving module ELP–1 manufactured by ELSYS and designed for modernization of 1RL139 (P–37) radar receivers.
   Information on the advantages of such modernization is given in the catalogue sheet “Receiving modules ELP–1 (A, B, G, D, E) and microwave module MSHB 37R1”.
   GDR–1 oscillators for 1RL139 (P–37) radars are made with five letters (corresponding to various central operating frequencies). Mechanical and electrical tuning allows to fine–tune the oscillators when replacing magnetrons in radars and to use them in phase–lock control and automatic phase–lock control systems.

Main parameters of oscillators :

Central operating frequencies,GHz 2,68; 2,80; 2,95; 3,04; 3,13
Operating temperature range, ОС from minus 50 to + 60
Power output, mW, min. 15
Power output variation when tuning, %, max. 25
Power variation as a function of temperature, dB,max. 2,0
Load impedance, ohm 50
Temperature coefficient, ppm/ОС, max. 3,5
Electrical tuning rate, MHz/V 1
Mechanical tuning range, MHz, min. 15
Electrical tuning range, MHz, min. 5
Supply voltage, V:
from the first source + 11,8 …+ 12,2
from the second source - 5,8 … - 6,2
Consumption current, mA :
from the first source, max. 50
from the second source, max. 10
Tuning voltage, V 0 …+15
Maximum load VSWR, max. 3
Oscillator output and input of electrical frequency tuning voltage are coaxial in 3,5 / 1,5 channel.
The oscillators are made as hermetically sealed modules.