Transistor amplifiers UM – 2

   Transistor amplifier (power amplifier) UM-2 is designed for use as a preliminary or final amplifying stage in 10 cm wave band transmitters.

   The power amplifier is made as functionally independent hermetically sealed module with coaxial input and output in 3,5 / 1,5 mm channel. The bottom of the module package is not painted and is designed to be mounted on the heat sink. Overall and mounting dimensions of the modules allow to use them instead of the previously manufactured amplifiers M42144 (Russia made).

   The power amplifier UM – 2 is used in new generation radars 36D6 and 1L220, it can be also used in previously manufactured radars ST68 (19G6) instead of obsolete amplifiers M42144 as well as in radars being developed.

Electrical parameters of the power amplifier are given in the table:



Operating frequency range, MHz

2700 - 3300

Output power.@ 1db comp., dbm

30 min.

Output power., dbm

33 typ.

VSWR In / Out


Supply voltage, V

+10 - 12

Consumption current, А , max.


Working temperature range, ОС

minus 50 ...+60