Low-noise microwave amplifier ELU 1021

   The amplifier is designed for the amplification of microwave signals in a wide frequency band.

Electrical parameters of ELU 1021 amplifier:

  1. Operating frequency range, MHz 1000-2100
  2. Gain, dB 23-28
  3. Noise figure in the working temperature range, dB, max. 2,5
  4. Gain flatness, dB, max.2,5
  5. Gain instability in the working temperature range, dB, max.2,5
  6. Input/output VSWR, units, max.2,0/2,0
  7. Output power at 1 dB gain compression, mW, min.1
  8. Supply voltage, V+11,5…28
  9. Consumption current, mA, max.50
  10. Working temperature range, °CMinus 50…+60

   Amplifiers with specifications different from those above may be developed and supplied to your order.